Our results have been transformative for the families we serve.  The data below is updated annually to reflect previous year results.



10,758 families have received a tin roof for their hut

40,991 latrines have been installed

2,483 tube wells have been installed

5,258 families received blankets

22,106 quilts have been provided

11,050 mattresses have been provided

13,929 mosquito nets have been provided

14,400 bed sheets have been provided

399 families were provided with beds



1,245 children provided resources to continue their education

3,063 schools established



180,985 outpatients and 3,096 inpatients have been treated

46,722 people have received healthcare education



130,015 poor families planted 2,140,060 roadside trees which provide income when grown and cultivated

61,648 families were provided chickens to raise

8,000 families have earned $986,666 as their share of roadside tree ownership

215 families established tree seedling nurseries

6,872 people were helped to find employment opportunities

16,076 cattle provided for rearing

15,138 goats and sheep provided for rearing

9,801 people received a rickshaw or van to provide income from transportation business

12,672 people began small businesses such as roadside markets and tailoring

3,913 were provided resources for the fishery business such as a boat and nets

2,792 people started homestead industries such as silk worm raising or tailoring

18,637 families have increased their land holdings

15,300 families began vegetable or fruit gardens



In addition to serving individual families, we have received grants for special projects that serve entire communities, as listed below.

Construction of:

2 flood protection levees

19 irrigation/drainage canals

238 kilometers of roads

9 bridges

122 culverts

627 fish ponds

12 resettlement projects giving 819 landless families permanent homes