We have high standards when it comes to outcomes and evaluative processes. To date, 325,000 people have been permanently lifted out of poverty due to our efforts in Bangladesh. The goal is to reduce poverty by a minimum of 50% in any area we serve. This has been accomplished—and exceeded—in most of the areas served as shown in the chart below. A survey is done every three years to measure key indicators and document the progress of the families and the work of the organization.  

Extensive poverty reduction among families in our working areas has also had a tremendous impact on local economies through increased purchasing power of the poor, improved agriculture practices, reforestations, promotion of gender equality, education for the children and clean water, sanitation, and housing for the poor. We also have had opportunities to improve the regions our families live in through building flood protection levees, drainage canals, roads and bridges, and fish ponds.



                   % of Population by District