We are currently serving as many extremely poor families as our resources allow. These families live in one of 1,600 villages in four districts in Bangladesh; Netrokona, Bogra, Kishoreganj and Chandpur.


Most of our target families fall into the poorest two of the four categories by which we classify the poor. The four categories are:

extreme hard core poor


families that have one simple meal daily and no economic assets

hard core poor


families that have two simple meals a day and very minimal economic assets

very poor


families who experience some food deficiency during the year

less poor


families have sufficient food by are unable to provide healthcare or education for their children.


Because of the number and intensity of their issues, many nonprofits in Bangladesh do not focus on poorest of the poor. This is the population we serve. Our approach to serve them with any number of programs we offer has proven to be effective and efficient in meeting the needs of each family individually.