GOAL: Committed to poverty eradication through the empowerment of the poor

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Bangladesh Today!

Nestled at the northern tip of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh is surrounded on three sides by India. Roughly the size of Illinois, with 168 million people, 76.4% of whom live on less than $2 a day, Bangladesh struggles to feed its people and overcome its devastating poverty.

80% of its GNP comes from the retail garment industry which employs 4 million people at a recently upgraded salary of $53 a month. Its children are malnourished and the lack of resources and opportunity, especially in rural areas, keep its population from changing the course of their lives from generation to generation.

PSDI is making a huge impact on families in its working areas. Through a holistic, bottom-up management model, the poor are successfully uplifting themselves permanently out of poverty within a ten-year cycle. Please browse our website to experience hope at work.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different?

Partners in Sustainable Development International

  • Focuses on people - not programs
  • Offers a hand up instead of a hand out
  • Creates individual economic development plans
  • Monitors each family's progress bi-weekly
  • Evaluates all families every three years
  • Graduates most families out of poverty in 10 years
  • Stays focused on the very poorest families

PSDI - A Proven and Measurable Model

The poorest families are weak and malnourished. They are unable to take advantage of programs that require them to travel to distribution sites. The PSDI model understands the many obstacles standing in the way of a family’s uplift from poverty, and provides services to each family in its own village. Each family is visited bi-weekly to ensure that none fall between the cracks.

What's Happening NOW!

Our sincere thanks to Virginia Klein for twelve years of dedicated service to the people of Bangladesh.

Although she is retiring as Executive Director, Virginia promises to stay engaged and involved in our work.

P E P Expands

The number of people needing services has grown exponentially in the last year. As more and more desperate people find their way to PEP looking for help, the Model is struggling to meet this challenge by developing new economic programs to help them on their path to financial stability and independence.

PEP’s work depends on the generosity of our donors and we are extremely grateful to each one. Every dollar ensures that someone is receiving individual help and the hope of a better life.

While PEP and PSDI build new programs for these new and fragile families, PEP will designate all program donations to areas that will benefit the most people in the most efficient way. Thank you for understanding. Anyone wishing to donate the full amount to one of the projects listed can be assured that their donation will go to that project.