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 Our Focus

Poverty is complex and multidimensional, therefore, it calls for a comprehensive approach to eradication, addressing all aspects of a family’s life including meeting their basic needs, educating their children, having access to affordable healthcare and, most importantly, helping them to develop a skill and/or trade to generate income. It is equally important to provide them with support and encouragement throughout their journey to self-sufficiency as living in poverty is not just an economic state but also an emotional one.

Each family is served individually, with services and programs that meet their specific needs. The common element through all of our programs is a sincere concern for the family and an earnest desire to help them lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

Our Programs


Our families are stabilized by providing food for them to eat, clean water for them to drink, and ensuring their living conditions are safe and secure. 

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Health is addressed through the development of an integrated system of healthcare delivery which includes clinics, hospitals, education, and outreach.

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Education is provided through small two-year schools in villages, teaching children their native language (Bangla), English, math and social studies, as well as art, dance, and music. From there, children enter the government schools in grade 3 ready to succeed.

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Once stable, families are provided opportunities, tools, education, and training to engage in economic opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty. 


Our work began in Bangladesh because it was in an area of the world where the the number of people living in poverty was the greatest.



There are currently 60,004 poor families in the areas of Bangladesh we serve, including those pictured below.