Meet Barsha. She is 13. Her family is extremely poor. They live in a remote area of rural Bangladesh.  

She was afraid that her family would make arrangements for her to marry because they cannot afford to feed her and her three siblings. This happened to another young girl in the village. The difference?  Barsha’s family is one of the families PSDI is helping to lift themselves out of poverty. They are making progress on their plan and are keeping their family intact. Barsha is grateful. Won’t you help us help a family like Barsha’s? Give today.

Barsha is a success story!


Meet Sumon. He is 15. He is a good student, juggling his studies with his duties at home in rural Bangladesh.

But his father is sick and the family cannot afford the medical care he needs. Sumon was facing a decision to work as a day laborer in his village instead of continuing his studies. Many young men in Bangladesh are forced to make this decision. But Sumon’s family is one of our families. We are teaching his mother how to embroider, giving her the ability to earn an income for her family and help pay for her husband’s medical care. There is hope for Sumon’s continued education and his future. Sumon’s family is grateful.  Help us help a poor family in Bangladesh.

Sumon is a success story!


Meet Hridi. She is only 7. Being a seven year old in a remote village in rural Bangladesh is not all fun and games. 

There are chores – and there are younger brothers to care for. Hridi has been attending a PSDI child development center for the past two years and has hopes of going to a government school next year.  She wants to be a teacher. Thanks to PSDI’s support, Hridi’s future is bright. Her family continues to thrive since they sat down with one of our social workers and developed their plan to lift themselves out of poverty. Share your blessings with Hridi’s family. Give today.

Hridi is a success story!